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john's scope

My Brother John's Handmade Wood Telescope
featured in Whirligigs & Other People's Magic


Contact me by E-mail.

It's the best way. Because I spend so much time on the internet, I check my E-mail way more often than I check the phone or my mailbox. I really don't care much for phone communications, except with friends. With email, there's always a logic and info trail, so I don't forget.

My latest email address is. jrcompton23@att.net

If you want to write to me or send something by slow, old postal, snail-mail, send it to

J R Compton
914 Grandview Av.
Dallas TX 75223-1514

And make any money payable in dollars U.S.

If you want to phone me, E-mail me a jrcompton23@att.net first. I get so many loud recorded entreaties to upgrade the warranty on my 3-year-old car or check the credit on my non-existent credit cards, I don't answer the phone anymore. I think they should pay my bill. They use it more than I do.