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Jen Wed

(J L C + J L C)

Photographs Copyright 2005 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.
Permission granted to all participants to print.
Please credit Photos by J R Compton.

with a couple of new pix

There will be a free CD including all the little, web-worthy JPEGs on this page and all the full-size (between 1.4 and 13.7 megabytes in size) JPEG originals (and as many of the rest of the total of more than 300 images I made that weekend that will fit). It will be available to anyone in the family who wants one. Anna will pay for shipping and handling, and I will burn the suckers.

All you need to do is to E-mail me your postal mailing address, if you want one.

Pending finding everybody's addresses, we will send one each to each of my sibs, and my parents. There's a total of about 300 images, and I'll cram as many of the best of those that will fit on a CD. I've Photoshopped the color and contrast and tones on most of those to my liking — or as close as I could get. All of those are not on this page, but these 80 (or so, that number keeps changing) are my favorites.

The titles under most photos approximate the names I've given each file. As you can probably tell, I'm terrible with names. I have forgot my own twice, and I struggle with Anna's sometimes. So if yours is misspelled or missing, forgive me — or E-mail me with the correct information.

— J R Compton & Anna Palmer

Gene, Margie, Mary


sisters Mary and Margie


Tom Contemplative


The Toast with Interpretation


a sweet moment with Dale and Clare





The first Transition : wood postcard







Red Umbrella


Different Generations


Guys After Breakfast





Motel Grid — a visual transition





Unlit Lamps at the wedding site




Table Camera



Ghoul Couple


Tent & Chairs







Another one of those visual transitions : Anna's Deer
in the wedding neighborhood





River Crossing nearby


Star Gate


Cactus Roses


Toobing The River (just a few blocks away from the wedding site)





Another Transition : Toity Lites





Table Dress : Sign-in Table and That Dress


Do Not Enter




Margie, Libby and Brian


Kids and Parents


Girl in a Swing


Tom's Comb


Chris and Teresa


John and his daughter in law, Teresa





Transition : Light Umbrella





"Preacher" waiting


Flower Girl Crown


John Dale Clare


Hee Cum Da Bride


Giving the Bride Away


Wedding Shoes


Ringboy Delivers


Weding Smiles


The Wedding Kiss


Ringboy and Flower Girl


First Mother-in-law Hug




Groom's Family


Patsy and Tom : Parents of the Bride





Transition : Fruit Bowl : salad made in The Valley by Mary Compton





Jen's Tat


Haley and Her Half Niece, Sarah Ann


Compton Girls : Joyce, Jennifer, Mary and Mary Ann


Julie and John : That Look


Sarah Ann


Wedding Faces


My Sibs : Mary Ann, Dale, John, Tom and J R : photo by Anna Palmer


Click Snap


Groom and Bride




Von Compton Family singing Edelweiss


Couple with Tent Full of Wedding Guests : Listing to Edelweiss


Swing Kids


J R and Anna
(after J R changed into something comfortable after the wedding)


Todd Cooling Off


In Tents


Cupcake and The Cupcakes


Sharing Their First Cupcake


Sharing Champagne


Gride and Boom


Margie and Sarah Ann


Lit Tent



Nobody told us about the fireworks, so we missed that, but we followed the River Road
all the way to the other side of the Mountain. We know what's over there now.
We saw what we could see, but it was too dark for photographs.





Transition : DOT Stress Relieving Services at the Edelweiss ???





Jackson and Dale


John and Mom


Mom Secrets : Julie and Jackson


J R and Jackson : photo by Anna Palmer


Kid in Kimono


Julie, Patsy and Tom




Peg Game





End : Dash Flowers Anna Gathered
on our way back to Dallas


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