J R's Images & Ideas
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JR's Windows   
Photographs ©2000-02 by JR Compton 

I'm not sure when I started liking translucent objects, but I've been collecting them for at least the last ten years. Maybe longer. Window sills seem the ideal place to put them, so I do. This is the south window in my living room. The big pink vase and the central green one with red rim are by Jim Bowman. The two end piece automobile themed cologne bottles were Willard "The Texas Kid" Watson's. Katherine Wagner, then director of D-Art gave me the glass block on the left. A lot of the other pieces were also gifts, but I found some of them on the side of the road.

I call this one Camel Moon. I bought the plate at Pamela Nelson's estate sale - she moved, not died. I got the red bottle in Mexico. Not sure where the camel came from. The object translucing the blue V at right is a water bottle. The feather came from a white bird — probably a pelican.


The first window I 'did' translucent was my kitchen window. At one time, all of the bottom window was covered with glued together jars of colored water, but I took them down when I missed seeing the outside. These are some remnants and some souvenir bottles.



This is a small detail of what the west window in my living room used to look like. It's a lot busier now, but I haven't taken a decent picture of it lately.

All 'my' windows aren't in my home. This is the view toward the State Fairgrounds from 500X Gallery, just down Exposition Avenue from there. For awhile this photograph hung at the gallery. It just seemed right.


My title for this busily translucent image is Autobiography of a Vietnam Vet. That's me reflected in the glass doors of the Vietnam Memorial in Angel Fire, New Mexico.



We end this little window party with the same window we started with. I've got my digicam on a monopod after Yo (orange cat, bottom center) and I discovered slants of light illuminating sausage smoke. That's his first toy on the right, all ratty and snarled, hanging from the ceiling fan. He still plays with it every day.