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J R's Amateur Birder's Journal

To Die Next to You.

Photograph + words by J R Compton

The progress

of this one image, which is from the webpage Dallas To Austin To Houston To Dallas with Matt K is shown on this page. The latest result is always on the top of this page, with all its various ideas for changing the image below each instance of it here.


To Die Next To You 2 - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

To Die Next to You 2


I'd worried that darkening the actual subject — the couch — would wreck it, but it actually looks better. Now I think the bare concrete to the left of it and some of thw brigh white off to the right of it now need darkening, too. The white strip is now a medium dark gray, and thus much less troublesome. Though I may yet lighten the far top end of the couch just to set it off from the surroundings.

I'm wondering whether the couch is really the subject in this pic. I love the outlined text in orange on the white far wall. Before I saw this couch — or any of the couches, I'd considered adding text. It's so much better that I found the text already there.

That bright sliver of far wall near the front may be too bright yet, and the bottom right corner may need darkening.

And I'm beginning to appreciate the illustrations back on the right wall. It might need ligtening…





To Die Next to You - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.


To Die Next to You


Matt had already found me three other couches for an online exhibition I'd been invited to participate in, but that won't be till Thanksgiving, so either I blow the surprise by showing it here, or I show it here. Sometimes it's just above, and sometimes just above is blank black. At any rate, this is an early, preliminary version of this image.

The couch is adequate, the floor is magnificent. What we perceive as a green rug is moss. And there are several, too bright areas. The couch and extended central portion needs to be darker, so the "To Die Next To You" stands out more. That message resonated with me, and it needs to resonate with you.

And the horizontal slot beneath it either needs to be brighter or darker. I'm not sure which yet. Although the circular hole upper left needs to be bold and bright, because of the rule not to place bright spots near the edges, where they will distract attention.

So this image will change and suddenly disappear and reappear during the early life of this web page. Till at least Thanksgiving 2014.

I love the writing on the wall. Up and down that highway, we found several other buildings that had been marked by these same, we assumed, teenagers. And yes, it was there when we arrived. We didn't change anything, except camera settings.






All photographs copyright 2014 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

All photographs were taken with my Panasonic Lumix G5 with the Panasonic 12 - 35mm f2.8 (usually) or 100 - 300mm (birds) lens.

I tend to like images I didn't like before, after a while, so there will probably be more pix on this page next week or after that.