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D200 Steep Learning Curve:
17-55mm f/2.8 lens

Startlingly good short zoom

<180 2.8   Index   70-300 ~5.6>

Bride Makeup - copyright 2006 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Audrey (the bride) being made up before the wedding

It was a race to figure out which lens to get for an upcoming wedding in the family, for which I was the official photog. I weighed and considered both the 18-200 (then unavailable, thank goodness) and the 18-70 (available but not nearly good enough compared to what I got) kit lenses, but I like to shoot without flash, and small and dwindling max aperture lenses seemed an unlikely choice for my shooting style.

After much researcher turmoil, I chose this lens for its people and places-perfect wide-angle to mild tele zoom range, and especially its large, constant-maximum aperture. I was also hoping for the best lens for shooting art and people at art shows, openings and in artists' studios.

Turned out my choice was excellent for all those purposes and close-ups of flowers and windows and interiors, too. But most of all, it's a great people lens.

Grooms Guys with Ring Boy - copyright 2006 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Groomsguys with Ring Boy at rehearsal

I read a lot about all my possible choices online, and everybody praised this lens. Now that I have it, I can see why. It was perfect for the wedding, held in a small chapel, so no tele needed. I realized while processing those pix, that if anything, I should have used it with flash more often. The graininess of the available darkness shots leaves much to be desired in a proper wedding photograph.

The Simpsons After Rehearsal Dinner - copyright 2006 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

The night before the wedding, late after the rehearsal dinner
1/30 @ 2.8 32mm iso1100 Program mode, pattern metering

flash drawback - lens hood blocks flash path

lens hood comes off too easily (it's gone, and may not be available without buying a new lense). Guy in Indiana will sell me one for less than $10, but I'd have to drive there to pick it up. It's been on backorder from my Nikon dealer for several weeks after they assured me they'd have it in a week.

weighs 26.6 oz.

close focus is 14 inches @ 35mm