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My Dragons

Although I had to put most of them in a dark cave for most of the last few years, I collect dragons, which like armadillos, have achieved semi-mythical status in my philosophies. Dragons are, of course, real. Pterodactyls once lofted over the earth, and Komodos still lay waste to whatever falls in their reach.

But it is as mythical creatures that I like them best. As such they are not burdened with realities and can do some amazing things. I put them in the cave (my closet) for that while, so they wouldn't cause any more fires in my already fully conflagrated Transition (whose 112+ essays will eventually grace this site).

This is just the beginniing.

Gerald Burns - Epiphany Dragon

Epiphany card from poet, artist and art critic Gerald Burns



Stainless Steel Dragon



Tiny Green Jade Dragon

Tiny Jade Dragon



florrid menu dragon

Florid Menu Dragon



dragon bowl

Asian Bowl Dragon



Flying Gator Dragon

Winged Carved Wood Gator Dragon



cut patper dragon card

cut paper dragon card



Fire Dragon Vase

Fire Dragon Vase



White Ceramic Dragon

White Ceramic Dragon



Tiny Crystal Dragon with Translucent Melted Marbles

Tiny Crystal Dragon with melted marbles