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This is a continuation from Page One of J R's Digital History.

What I learned after using my F707 for more than three years:


high resolution (5 megapixels)

beautiful color

long 5:1 zoom

It's a lousy action camera.

adjustable white balance

variable exposure index

f/2 maximum aperture

no bursts possible.

easy menus

bright color EVF

EVF can be magnified up to 10X to check actual focus, details

can use EVF as stealth viewer

extreme close focus

manual everything possible:

shutter speeds
white balance
Exposure Index (ASA)

steady at slow shutter speeds


oversensitive to red *

slight barrel distortion

slow auto focus *

It's a poor action camera.

higher EIs appears grainier

1/1,000 shutter speed max *

f/16 minimum aperture

blind burst shots *

EVF jitters with fast action
(electronic view finder)

EVF exaggerates focus

overexposed auto exposure

sometimes (but rarely),it simply will not take a photo — mostly because auto focus is so slow

digital zoom is mostly useless


Overall, this is a fabulous camera.

One I'm still learning after owning it well more than a year. And one I can safely and happily recommend to serious photographers.

I understand that the newer version, the F717 has significantly improved on many of the drawbacks of the F707 — for less money and it includes more storage.

If something happened to mine, I'd get the 717 in as quick a flash as I could afford. But since it's a sturdy instrument, I hope I won't have to replace it until prosumer digital cameras are offering significanly more resolution.

I have made prints as large as 13 x 19 (Super A3 size) prints with images from my F707 without recourse to special resing-up (resolution) software. But more resolution would always be nice, especially since the prices of CDs, DVDs and CD and DVD burning drives are constantly falling.

The quickly and easily rechargeable battery last for hours and hours. But I still carry a spare.

* improved in the F717, but I never had one of those.


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