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U.S. Peace Initiative - Photograph Copyright 2010 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Zach and Greg Metz   U.S. Peace Initiative   1991   50 x 68 inches

My pricing is simple.

I charge $75 an hour for photography of art and $75 an hour for web work — making web pages, writing, rewriting, editing or almost anything else to do with creating web sites.

Photography is $150 an hour to set-up and shoot, which includes an equal amount of time doing digital processing, so the price is still $100 an hour, but it always takes at least two hours. So I charge for both up front. Your images are delivered on two CDs and may be included in your web site. I usually deliver two identical CDs.

$150 is good for up to ten flat pieces of art. More works or more views of the same work means more work, so I charge more. Each additional 10 flat pieces or ten views of sculptures will take another hour to process, pro rated.

Making web pages or updating them later (unless we make special arrangements) is $75/hour. If I'm doing your website, I charge a straight $75/hour to shoot and/or process your images, although I don't mind fudging that price lower for repeat customers.

A website can be as inexpensive as $500 for a few pages and some pictures, but most websites are more complicated — or they get that way when clients realize what can be done. It all depends on what I have to do and what you do. The usual cost for a medium-sized website with photographs and me editing and/or rewriting your text is about $1,500, although a much smaller, simpler site for someone who is very organized can cost as little as $600.

Please also read my ISP page for other important website details.

Updating your site once we get it up is $75/hour. Or we could arrange a per item, monthly or quarterly rate to update your website, depending on what you need. It's easier just to pay $75/hour.

Our initial meeting, when we discuss and decide what you want and what and how I can provide it, is free.

Occasional phone calls days, weeks, months or years later, when you have a question or an issue, is free. Although you should know I'm difficult to get on the phone. Email is quicker, and I check it more often.

Me correcting my own mistakes is always free. The client is responsible for finding any mistakes.


My latest email address is always on the Contact page.