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Index of Summer Essays

Words + pictures © 2005 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Tunnel Vision - Photograph © 2005 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

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1. Putting Together the Pieces

Transitions, breakthroughs, seeing what's really there, happy accidents, a white squall, journaling, disconnecting, whirligigs and getting it, the concept of sudden, cat side up, conversational threads, monologs, novels, cliches, and big art

Artists vs. Autists

Autism, sensory understanding, pointing, abstraction, perception, representation, color-blind, stereo vision, trajectory, signal, noise, modems, input, output, transducing, encoding, transmission, communication, art, craft and commerce  

3 Between Liminal and Subliminal

Spooky movies, remote viewing, CIA, deep psych, noir, physics, psychics, Special Features, crime-fighting, vivid reality, phenomenological underpinnings, The Monroe Institute, New Age fru-fru, White Noise, Owen Wilson, pseudo tech, art form assistant, Inner Viewing, How Our Minds Work, LSD, Set and Setting, How To Remote View, The importance of the daffodils, obsessive-compulsive and madness

Of Quacks, Art Critics & Other Charlatans

With subjects including: Sumo Duck Swallower, movies, Penn & Teller, Bullshit, Quacks, Charlatans, dupedom, snail slime face treatments, our need to believe, faith healers, second-hand smoke, baby whisperers, magnets, the roles of the art critic, art forms employed by Dallas art critics, community building, sense of belonging, wax cakes, Lego, alien abduction experts and end-of-the-world theorists.


About the Illustrations

Hooded Escalator Down - photograph  2005 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

I did not shoot the photos in this series to illustrate these essay. Most are from the last few weeks and some from yesterday.

Many were originally for J R's New White Rock Lake Journal, although only one was used anywhere. The modulated bushes and blue door into perception are from the Dallas Morning News building where Anna works. The Meditator and Dark Trees are from White Rock. The wet lot is The MAC's.

Pictures on Putting Together the Pieces are from my home or getting there. Quack illos are from the archives. The bottom pic on the Autism page is an octagon mirror lying on a friend's laptop reflecting the innards of my stripped Mac Cube.

The ladder on the truck was on the way home from Joel Cooner Gallery. I couldn't not shoot it (twice), though I had no idea why then. Now it seemed prescient.

The pix on this page I shot at elderly Terminal E at DFW airport. I wanted to compare the rest with new Terminal D. The swirly lights long exposure photo was shot down Garland Road.

E Edges - photograph Copyright 2005 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.



About the Essays

Wish I knew why these essays are here instead of DallasArtsRevue, except I originally called it J R's Summer Journal and expected them to be as personal as the first two.

Aiming an essay series is not easy.

When I created this index I had no idea where the series would go next.

I'm pondering other artist ideas I've struggled writing before. Now I've got this rhythm going, mayhaps I can scoop them into sensibility. The Autist and Subliminal essays were struggles. I may have tamed the former. The latter nearly escaped.

I keep rewriting them all.

Elderly Terminal E -  2005 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Elderly Terminal E

I'd said that the series might have to wait till I'm flagged down by another movie, TV show or one of the books I ordered on this mad quest.

Then I picked up a marvelous little book Paul Rogers Harris deaccessioned to me last year. I'd started reading it then and picked it up to have something when I fetched Anna back from Montana, then got inspired by it again.

We'll see where it leads us.

July 11-17 2005