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Summer SolstiCelebration
at White Rock Lake

Words + Photographs © 2001 by J R Compton
 All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in any medium without specific written permission


This summer's SolstiCelebration started with a foreboding sky. It looked like rain, and it did -- as usual. But after — and during — the minor downpour, fun and friendship was available, and joy was plentiful.




Many picnics moved under roofs, but were plentiful nonetheless.



Others continued under brellas.



Some waited the storm in curiosity and wonder.



A few braved the rain to walk the several outdoor labyrinths.



Candle-lit, the indoor labyrinth was spare, at first.



But much more popular when the sun graced us again.



Gradually, the light grew, and the rain slowed.



Colors continued unabated throughout.



As the newly summered sun asserted itself in the local sky again, we gathered into a circle of more than 250 celebrants.



Blondes, redheads and others formed a sun at the center of our circle. Here, Venus orbits Sol's semi solidarity.



Forming rays of energy, the new sun set its orbit through the system.



Mother and daughter, dancers Earth and moon, spun their dependent motions.



And other heavenly bodies joined the cosmic dance.



Soundtracked all along by a marvelous band called Constellation.



Love and passion grew among the cosmos.




Security was established.



And we turned our faces ...



... and our brightening selves toward the source.



Nearby, a banner was unfurled ...




and a procession proceeded toward it.



... an open invitation.



And everyone came along ...



in joyous celebration.




Plenty purifiers were prepared ...



and proffered to the passers by with cheer.



Smiles were abundant ...



as we all passed through the auspicious transition.



We gathered again to stretch ourselves up and ...



... yoga leaned in to the warm red sky's just-set sun.

Welcome, Summer, 2001!


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