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Photographs © 2004 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Photos are arranged chronologically till the end.

Captions by Amy Martin, J R Compton & Bradley Ellis

Flowers for peace in his hair


Singer/guitarist Annie Benjamin, the Rocket Girl


Preparing Melons


The Proper Hat is Important


Cooking Flames


Cottonwood Snow


Faery Wings


Stripes and Elephants


Everybody needs a Friend


Colorful Cap




Julia Schloss Hanging Ribbons


Representing All Religions


Face Paints


Captivated by magician Bryan Lankford
of Spellbinding Entertainment


Hopi inspired labyrinth, provided by
Pleasant Valley Unitarain Universalist Church


Summer Solstice altar and drums
to be used in the ceremony


The Gathering Awaits the Ritual


Ducking Through the Arch into Summer:
Event coordinator Bradley Ellis leading.


Everybody went through the purification aisle
before entering the portal into the peace procession.


Timothy Carmicheal (dig those horns!),
Maria Candoloras and Bradley Ellis


Stretching Our Bodies


Every form is perfect form.


All ages and persuasions in the big circle of 140 people.


"Look Into Your Neighbor's Eyes" in the peace prayer and
invocation led by Rev. Petra Weldes of Center for Spiritual Living.


At that moment the purple martins were putting
on quite a show, catching flying bugs overhead.


Ear Ring


A Serious Moment


Bradley leads us in the Crossroads &
the Rising Light Below Ritual.


Framed Drummers & Dancers


Big Circle


Drummers Maria, Scarlett, Toby, and Puck




Joe Stokes Howls at Sunset


Betwixt & Between exec director Angela Logan in prayer.


Maria, Scarlett, and Bradley drumming for a blur of dancers
dancing the Spiral Dance, led by Nirtana Teri Thompson


The Dance for Universal Peace spiral tightens inward.


And tightens some more.


Before unwinding in a rush into ...


... the blur of summer.


Photographs © 2004 by J R Compton — All Rights Reserved.
No reproduction in any medium without written permission.


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