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Solstice Index   Rehearsal Night pix

2004 Winter

with Photographs Copyright 2004 by JR Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Where does the tree end and the rainbows begin?


The sun gate dripping sunlight
in front of a screen flowing water.


Writing on the peace wall


Moonbeams dripping on a gathering crowd


Buckets of flashlights donated by Green Mountain Energy Company


The Dreamsicles (Cary Cooper and Tom Prasada-Rao) played seating music.


Some of the Shamen People bless the crowd.


Carrying the river onstage — dancers and musicians
from Ragsat Aladeen and Constellation


Swirling the river


a meander in the river


Facing the crowd in Even Tide


Yoga and chanting — Priya Yaga and
the Betwixt & Between Chorus


Water Communion Ritual


Orange Pajamas and red shirt —
waiting in line for water communion


Tie-die Robes


Storytellers telling Stone Soup
Gene and Peggy Helmick-Richardson


Freddy Jones with Long Horn and Short


part of the crowd in darkness


Honoring the Ancestors —
Kim Bold on Native American flute


Embracing the Darkness — Ritual Symbolic Solstice Passage
as tiny flashlights flash tiny spots of light into the coming season


Return of the Light


Moonlight on the River with dancer Karen MacIntyre


on liquid wings


The Science Side of Metamorphosis
with storyteller Gene Helmick-Richardson


Singing a final song —


Amy joins Annie Benjamin and the Grateful Life Choir.


Masked children and everybody joyous
goes out into the new year and season of light.
Face painting by Karen Weiss


Breaking through the web of sun rays


and Joyous through the moon gate


Dancing into the New Year


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All contents
Copyright 2004
by J R Compton.
All Rights Reserved.

Rehearsal Night pix