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Stories + Photographs by J R Compton

Jodi Roberts and Monitca LeCrone signaling coming of the light

Jodi Roberts and Monica LeCrone signaling the coming of the light at the 2008 Winter SolstiCelebration

For many year, I did a long page of photographs of the latest solstice celebration. The last couple years, Amy "Moonlady" Martin did most of the text. She doesn't organize the summer celebrations anymore, and I don't photograph them, having tired of a pagan celebration in a Christian church. It's the summer solstices that are my favorites, although the winter ones are more photogenic.

Winter 2008     Winter 2007     Winter 2006     Winter 2005    Summer 2005     Winter 2004  +  rehearsal

Summer 2008   Summer 2004     Winter 2002     Summer 2001

Revelers - Copyright 2009 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Revelers dancing at the 2008 Summer Solstice Celebration at White Rock Lake
My photographs of this summer's solstice is completely unofficial and somewhat experimental.

... spiral it over our heads, like the glowing stars of the nighttime sky.
From the Summer 2005 solstice celebration story


JR's Cosmic Coping Kit of Metaphysical Knowledge — pretty much everything I ever learned, more or less

Meditation of the Five Elements — a short, cleansing meditation using the Five Elements of Ancient Knowledge: Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Aether

Color Magic — which does what

Personal Magic - Everybody keeps bits of reality in places around their homes, offices or studios that bespeak an enhanced reality or downright magic. This page visually explores some of those instances.

summer 1999

summer solstice 1999 — my first photo essay,
now lost, and second solstice celebration

The Amateur Birder's Journal documents birds at White Rock Lake and wherever else we are, sometimes daily.

Intimacy — Intimacy In and Definition Of Relationships, an essay incorporating information gathered from sessions with Psychotherapist Jim Dolan. See also Jim's web site, Lotuseaters.net, which I produce.

The Meeting of the Amalgamated Trust

Prayer — Even Without God

my brother John's wood telescope

My brother John's wood telescope

Of Whirligigs & Other People's Magic — an experimental story of travel and family and magic

Then there's ...

Photographs of Personal Magic   windows   dragons   and   clouds


Poemagraphs are a few words and a single photograph for texture or meaning.

Some of my poetry aspires toward spirituality.

Owl Attack at Fair Park - Photograph Coppyright 2005 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

The Owl Attack at Fair Park photo is featured on the Not-so-recent
Photos page
but the best bird shots are on my Birder's Journal

All Photographs Copyright 2005 by J R Compton.
All Rights Reserved.